Comfy Study essentials

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Hello everybody! How it's going? When it comes to study I have my little essentials that make my study sessions more comfortable and bearable.

A part of books, notebooks, lots of highlighters and all other kinds of stationery supplies, there's some other things that are essentials to help me have a nice study session.

  • Water. I always have water next to me. It's really important to be hydrated during the study hours.
  • Comfortable clothes. Usually I shop my home wear in Oysho and Women's Secret. They have the most adorable, comfy and soft clothes and slippers. Also, I always get colours like black, white or grey. Love to keep it simple.
  • Hand moisturiser. Currently I'm using the hand balm from Tony Moly and I love it!
  • Mildliners. I adore mildliners! Lots of endless beautiful colours! Are my favs.

Which are your study essentials?


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