What's in my makeup bag. Winter.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Winter is almost here! I'm so excited! is my favourite season. Lately I changed a bit the makeup products I carry with me in my makeup bag so I though I would let you peek at it.

I'm not a big fan of foundations, but I really love BB creams, so in my makeup bag I always carry one with me. This one is the BB cream Precious Mineral, from Etude House. To be honest, my first impression of this BB cream wasn't too good... but now it's one of my favourites! In the cold months my skin gets super dry and I struggle to find makeup that won't make my skin worse. This BB cream is moisturising and also helps me to keep the little shines under control. I really love it!
Naked Basics, Urban Decay. This little palette is an essential for me. The size is perfect to bring it with you everywhere and eyeshadows are so pigmented.
I'm really picky with blushes but the girl from MAC understood me completely when I asked for a blush that "I could like" Sheertone blush "Blushbaby". Combines with everything.
Waterproof eye pencil. Yves Saint Laurent. I got it as a sample with the Black Opium perfume. Creamy and easy to use. Also, when it dries only waterproof makeup remover can take it off.
Lashes! Oh them lashes! Mascara Supra Volume. Clarins. My favourite mascara ever.
Extra eyeshadow Ombre Matte. 04 Rosewood from Clarins it's easy to blend, super pigmented and long lasting. The colour is really beautiful.
Let's move to the lip products I carry around (note: I'm a lipstick junkie, I cannot carry just ONE!)
Not without a Lip Balm from Rituals. Super mosturizing and also has SPF.
A nude colour is essential. Brave. MAC
The Liquid lipsticks from Kat Von D are like chips, you cannot get just one.  Bachelorette & Exorcism
And last but not least... a lip tint!. The one I carry with me always is this one: Lip tint. Pure pink. Berrisom. 


  1. Great post sweetie :)
    I've been really wanting to try the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks I might invest.
    Brave was my favourite MAC lipstick and it always brings back a lot of memories!

    1. Thank you, dear!

      These liquid lipsticks are awesome! Probably you will love them :D



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