How to avoid stress during exams

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Stress and anxiety were something I had to deal with every time I had an exam. All the tension would leave me with an exhausted body and mind until I decided to do something about it.

At the begging I thought the way I was feeling was something normal, stress, anxiety and exams would walk hand in hand but seriously it was consuming. After a couple years I started working on that because I reached a point where it was too bothersome. In some exams, I would just block and be blank for a couple of minutes! So I stopped putting too much pressure to myself, I started meditating and studying more efficiently.

My tips to avoid unnecessary stress during exams:
  • Plan ahead: make a schedule and stick to it. Set realistic goals. The point is to go to the exam really well prepared so you feel confident.
  • Work hard, do your best so everyday you feel proud of the work you did.
  • Eat clean. Sleep good and enough. Drink lots of water and infusions.
  • Positive thoughts, positive mindset: don't put too much pressure to yourself. You worked hard. Is just an exam. You got this. You prepared this exam the best you could. You studied hard. It will be fine. Take a deep breath. Focus. 
  • Meditation: works like wonders to space out and relax your mind. I meditate before going to bed, that way I sleep better. There's a couple apps that are awesome and guide you through the meditation. 
  • Me time: have some time for yourself to do things that help you relax (warm bath, reading a book, watching TV series...), pamper yourself, you deserve it.

Do you get stressed during exams? How you deal with that?

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