Tara Mountain, Serbia

Sunday, 22 October 2017

I travel to Serbia quiet often and this time we decided to go explore a bit and discover some gems from this beautiful country. We went to Zlatibor and spent one day exploring Tara and hiking to one of the most beautiful viewpoints: Banjska Stena.

The road to get there is a bit tricky (a GPS is really helpful) but really worth it, the views and nature are like taken from a fairy tale. After charging our batteries in Zlatibor we headed to Mitrovac visitors center to get some information on how to get to Banjska Stena. A lovely woman gave us some directions and also we took some souvenirs from the store. So, from there we had two options, we could start walking from there (6 km) or go with the car and then have a little walk (1 km). We chose the second option, parked the car and walked for around 30 minutes until we reached the viewpoint. It is breathtaking. Up there you can find some benches to sit and enjoy the view. We had a lovely morning exploring Tara, feeling refreshed and calm surrounded by nature.

My tips:
-Go prepared with warm and comfortable clothes because usually up there is cold.
-If you need extra information, make sure to stop by one of the visitor centers they have.
-Be respectful with nature, Tara is a national park and home of bears, wolves, deers and other animals.
-Take your camera with you, there's a lot of beautiful nature worth taking lots of pictures.

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