My skin care detox plan

Sunday, 23 July 2017

One of the things in my to do list for this summer was a skin detox once I finished my semester. I was lucky to win a bunch of goodies related to skin care so here's how my detox plan was.

The best advice I can give you that works like wonders for my skin is: drink water. Lots of water. When I drink the proper amount of water everyday my skin gets such a natural glow that I never archived with beauty products. 

To take care from the inside, Teresa's juicery sent me their beauty pack of delicious cold pressed juices full of nutrients for your skin. The plan you can adjust it to your needs, I decided to do it during 3 days taking two juices per day. Some juices were better than others, but I kept in mind all the good stuff I was giving to my body and skin. 

And to take care from the outside, Freshly cosmetics sent me their skin care detox plan. What I love about this brand is that all their products are natural, vegan, non tested on animals, silicone free... I tried all of the products and I don't know which one I love more. All have such a lovely citrus scent except the body scrub that is sweet. I feel my skin softer and more nourished since I use these products.


  1. ahhhh i've been wanting to do a juice cleanser for a while now. LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY COLOURSSSS **heart eye emojis** i'd not heard of teresa's before but i'm going to have a wee little look now...

    katie xx

    1. They have really nice, healthy and tasty juices! Are my fav ♥


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