How I organise my life

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Organization is crucial to keep you focused and productive. I love and enjoy being organised with my life in general, it helps me to avoid stress and procrastination. Here are my three essentials I use to organise my life.

1. A calendar
On my desk, I have a scrapbooking calendar where I mark the important dates. What I love about this kind of calendars is that I have a little space for creativity to scrapbook and take little notes. This gives me an overview of the month, so I know what is coming. 

2. A planner
Another essential for me is a planner. I cannot function without a nice planner. My favourites are the ones from Mr.Wonderful. Every year they launch four new and beautiful planners that will make you want to get organised asap. 
The planner goes with me everywhere. Usually on Sundays I dedicate some time to plan a bit my week ahead and later during the week I make sure to take notes of any new things that pop up. Seeing what I planned for every day helps me to be more productive and to stay focused.

3. A to do list
For busy days a to do list is the key. Preferably I make it the night before (so my mind can relax) or the first thing in the morning. Don't you find satisfying at the end of the day to see that you finished all the tasks? I do and I make sure to reward myself with some pampering time or relaxing watching my favourite kdramas.

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