Roadtrip #4 days10-12: La Rochelle & San Sebastián

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Hello beauties!!

After spending the best days in Brighton and London we had to head back home. We woke up in Brighton, then took the Eurotunnel and at night after nine hours in the car we arrived to La Rochelle.
A french small town. Our hotel was splendid! The view was gorgeous, from the window we could see the small port, lots of restaurants and people enjoying relaxing walks around.

After checking in our hotel (that btw was so pretty), went for dinner and to sleep. Next day in the morning we prepared everything, went to explore a bit after breakfast. I really liked La Rochelle. Then, after lunch we went back to the road to San Sebastián. Back to Spain. We stayed in a caserio in a small town in the middle of the mountains. Everything was so pretty and relaxing. We arrived at night and we were reeeally tired and craving for some Spanish food. Next day, we went to San Sebastián, had a little walk and went to La Concha. There we saw people enjoying the end of summer and of course we had to touch the sea water at least with our feet. And that's what we did! Was freezing!! Then for lunch we ate tapas. Delicious!! After lunch, once more we took the car again to head back home, to Barcelona

I vlogged! You can watch the adventures here in the link down below! 



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