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Friday, 7 October 2016

Coloured contact lenses are an amazing complement to give a touch of colour to your eyes. I love my brown eyes, but I also love to change a bit to blue or green, for example. Thanks to contact lenses I experiment more with makeup and even hairstyles!

So when FreshLook contacted me to try their contact lenses I said YES! They have contacts for everyone and order from their website is fast and easy. My package arrived really quick to Spain (was shipped from UK). The little box was clean and in perfect conditions. Inside the same and super tidy. In the box I got a pair of contact lenses in plano, colour blue, a paper with useful tips of do's and don'ts of contact lens wear and a multi-purpose solution for sensitive eyes (bottle 60ml + a lens case). I love the solution! Some of them cause irritation to my eyes, but with this one I had no problems at all. 
Now, yes, let's talk about the contact lenses. Honestly, are the best contacts I ever had. That's it. 
I tried so many different contact lenses from different brands, because for some reason... the contacts on my eyes would not stay in place...and that's pretty uncomfortable! When that happens I can't see properly so I get headaches (I leave them on for a while to see if at the end they adjust...) and of course, that doesn't look good... half of my brown eye can be seen and the contacts there moving around... a disaster! 
You cannot imagine my happiness when I saw that these contacts from Fresh Look didn't move around my eyes, they just went to their place. I couldn't believe it... 
The lenses are so thin and it's easier to put them on than the other ones I have (from other brands). Also, are super comfortable to wear. The colour blue is gorgeous and it covers perfectly my natural brown eyes. 

If you are interested in these contact lenses you can purchase them here:
FreshLook contact lenses

Do you wear contact lenses? Did you try FreshLook before? Let me know in the comments!





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