Roadtrip days 1-3: Disneyland + home tour

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hello beauties!

The 30th of August my family and I went on a road trip to France and England! Was an amazing experience that I will always remember and ofc I wanna share with you.

The first stop was in Disneyland Paris! After 12 hours in the car and getting stuck in traffic arriving to Paris for around 2 hours we made it to Davy Crockett Ranch, our little home for the next three days. 
About the Ranch I must say it's a different hotel and really cozy. We loved it so much it's perfect for families, but I must point out two cons:
1. No wifi (except in the reception area that it's pretty far from the bungalow) 
2. They offer you a pack that includes dinner in their restaurant (you have to pay in advance) and if you don't book everyday during your stay you won't get dinner there and you have to go back to Disneyland where the restaurants are and pay yourself the meal. Ergo, you double pay!. What happened to us is that we went to book for the next day and they told us that was full and gave us another option that turned out to be fake... we had to pay for the meal and now we are still arguing with the hotel to get the money back. So if you go to Davy Crockett ranch be careful with that! They offer you something they cannot guarantee you will get. 

Apart from that, we had lovely days in Disneyland and Disneyland Studios! It's so magical that it doesn't matter how old you are...there you feel the magic really exists! 
You can watch all our Disneyland adventures if you click down below:

And now I'll leave you with my favourite pictures! And don't forget to visit my Instagram! there you will see a lot more :) 

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