Sunday, 15 November 2015

Hello beauties!

When I was in Serbia (summer) I went to OYSHO and they had autumn/winter clothes, blankets, socks... And I couldn't resist... the bunny blanket and the bunny socks came to Spain with me!

I have cold feet all year round! So when winter comes I use it as an excuse to buy this kind of fluffy and cute socks. And I can't get enough! These bunny socks (or rats, according to the webpage) have a non-slip sole, which I think it's pretty good! Also are sooo soft and warm. 
I adore cozy socks!
You can find them Here. The price is 7.99€ (in Spain).
And this is the bunny blanket! As you can see it's like a bag, all the blanket is inside. 
It's suuuuper soft! Once you touch it you can't stop cuddling! I like to use it as a pillow as well. 
Oysho has lovely blankets but when I saw this one... was love at first sight! I love bunnies!
In winter I love to cover myself with cozy blankets when I watch a movie.
You can find the bunny blanket here. The price is 22.99€ (in Spain).

 I'm ready for cold and lazy days. I love how cozy these cute things are! 

Do you like cozy socks and blankets? :)

Also you can see these cuties in my Serbian Haul!
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  1. OMG so cute!! I'd love to have those :3
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  2. I love anything with bunnies on, so cute!

    Claudia Harriet

  3. I love cozy socks especially if they are in a bunny shape :)


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