Instax mini 8 PINK

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Hello beauties!!

If you follow me on instragram you know that I got an Instax mini 8 pink! And yes... I'm obsessed with it! It's sooo cute! 

I bought it on Amazon for 90€ (Instax mini 8 Pink + 10x2 Instant Film)

The first two Instax pics I took turned out black as you can see down below... I took them inside and the camera was set for that. (Honestly I was a bit disapointed... I wasted two pics and I was worried the camera was broken).

Then I did some research and I found that lighting with this camera it's important! So I went outside and I took a pic with full natural light and it turned out pretty good!


As you can see if something is close, the background gets pretty dark.

And here you can see a bunch of pictures I took when I was in Serbia!

Tips & tricks:

-Find good lighting before you take a picture (if it's too dark or too bright the picture probably won't be good)
-Keep on mind that where there's shadows on the pic will appear dark
-If you take a pic of something that is moving, you won't get a nice instax
-Make sure you set the camera properly before you take the pic
-And ENJOY and HAVE FUN! :)

If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them!

I adore this camera, I love to have the "polaroid" format pictures!
I use them for scrapbooking and I hang them on my bedroom! Looks so pretty!


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  1. I've been contemplating getting one of these! They look so cute and worth the price as well!


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